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Stock Information

  • What is Boustead's ticker symbol?


  • How many outstanding shares (excluding treasury shares) are there?

    The total number of shares issued (excluding treasury shares) is 477,473,329 ordinary shares as at 31 March 2023.

  • When is Boustead's Annual General Meeting?

    Our AGM is usually held during the last week of July; not more than 120 days after the end of the financial year.

  • Does Boustead have a dividend policy?

    The company does not have a fixed dividend policy. The form, frequency and amount of dividends will depend on the company’s earnings, general financial condition, results of operations, capital requirements, cash flow, general business condition, development plans and other factors as the Directors may deem appropriate. Notwithstanding this, the company has been declaring dividends on a half-yearly basis.

  • How can shareholders participate in the Scrip Dividend Scheme (if applicable for the financial year)?

    The Scrip Dividend Scheme provides shareholders with the option to receive shares in the company in lieu of cash on a qualifying dividend. Shareholders may choose to receive all or part thereof of their dividend in scrip. Fractional entitlements to new shares under the Scrip Dividend Scheme will be satisfied by a cash payment (based on the issue price) in lieu of such fractional entitlements.

    Shareholders with registered addresses outside Singapore who would like to participate in the Scrip Dividend Scheme must provide the CDP with addresses in Singapore for the service of notices and documents no later than five market days prior to the books closure date for a qualifying dividend.

  • Does Boustead have a share buy-back programme?

    The initial share buy-back mandate was approved during an EGM in FY2009 and has been renewed annually since then. Only shares which are issued and fully paid-up may be purchased or acquired by the company. Boustead has the authorisation from shareholders to repurchase up to a maximum of 10% of our issued share capital in any approved year.

  • What are the key business drivers of Boustead's growth?

    Our business platforms, strategies and business model value chain collectively form our business drivers, which highlight how we combine our core competencies and strategies for global markets to ultimately deliver sustainable value to our shareholders and other stakeholders.

  • What is Boustead's strategy to deliver value to its shareholders?

    Boustead’s principal focus is on priming its global operations for sustainable long-term growth. The overarching strategy supporting this goal involves:

    • Actively exploring acquisition and investment opportunities that align with or complement our existing business interests. More specifically, Boustead seeks to invest in companies that have the potential to dominate the niche markets they service;
    • Targeted business development in Asia and other resource-rich regions;
    • Maintaining a cost-conscious culture and lean structure; and,
    • A business model focusing on value-added engineering activities such as design, process engineering, project management and services.
  • When and where was Boustead listed?

    Boustead was listed on 18 June 1975, on the Singapore Exchange (formerly referred to as the Singapore Stock Exchange).

Financial statements and announcements

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