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Transparency and governance

Our culture and the values that shape it are both aligned with and fostered by good governance practices.

You will observe our culture in action in the way we operate, the decisions we make, and the courage we demonstrate during challenging situations and times.

In developing our corporate governance framework, Boustead’s Board, and its extended leadership team, subscribed to the praxis of adopting a best practice approach in each of the countries we trade in.

It is accepted that by committing to the highest of standards of corporate governance applicable to each jurisdiction, we are guaranteed to achieve the best outcome – from a governance perspective – for our many and varied stakeholders.

Prioritising a high standard of corporate governance and transparency across the group ensures our operation remains aligned with the principles set out in the Code of Corporate Governance 2018.

Boustead’s FY2024 Corporate Governance Report makes specific reference to the principles and guidelines of the Code and details the company’s corporate governance practices.

For more information about our governance practices, please contact our Investor Relations Team.

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