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Dividend history

The form, frequency, and amount of dividends paid to Boustead shareholders is based on the Board and leadership teams’ thorough evaluation of six key influencing factors, namely:

  • Group profitability
  • Financial health
  • Capital allocation and expenditure requirements
  • Operating cashflow requirements
  • Acquisition and project investment opportunities
  • Global business environment

In practice, and in place of a formal dividend policy, this prudent approach has resulted in a prolonged track record of paying dividends – linked to long-term net profit growth.

Boustead’s history of annual dividend payments includes:

  • Seventeen consecutive years of dividend payments;
  • Paying a total of 62.7 cents* in cash/scrip dividends over the past decade, which equates to almost 369% of the purchase price of the Boustead share at 17 cents at the beginning of FY2003; and,
  • Paying a total of 80.9 cents in dividends over seventeen consecutive years, when factoring in the dividends in specie of Boustead Projects’ and EasyCall’s shares.

* Includes distributions of dividend in specie.

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