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For almost two centuries, Boustead has remained a prominent feature within the global business landscape.

As a company that has endured wars, economic catastrophes, pandemics, cultural evolutions, and time – Boustead’s longevity is the result of its innate ability to transform, to move with the times, and remain ‘of the moment’.

The Boustead of today offers a glimpse into the trademark entrepreneurialism first exercised by company founder Edward Boustead (1800-1888). Across the Group, cutting-edge technologies and progressive business practices underpin all efforts to dominate the markets in which Boustead operates.

We invite you to learn more about Boustead, its people, its history and the difference it makes...

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Energy Engineering

Boustead’s Energy Engineering Division delivers pioneering process technologies for the global oil & gas, petrochemical and energy sectors. 

The Division has successfully delivered more than 1,300 projects across 86 countries and territories and maintains a key role in helping its clients achieve both business and sustainability targets.

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Our Geospatial Division, known as the Boustead Geospatial Group, represents the largest consortium of ArcGIS specialists outside the United States – and is one of the most respected contributors to the geospatial community globally.

Collectively the group holds exclusive rights to distribute Esri's world‑leading GIS technology – the ArcGIS Platform – across Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Timor‑Leste.

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Real Estate

Boustead’s Real Estate Division delivers progressive engineering expertise in the design-and-build and development of smart eco-sustainable business park and industrial developments.

The company has constructed more than 3,000,000 square metres of real estate in Singapore, China, Malaysia and Vietnam for clients including Fortune 500, S&P 500 and Euronext 100 corporations.

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Boustead’s Healthcare Division provides niche innovative medical solutions that address age-related chronic diseases and mobility issues, with a focus on rehabilitative care and sports science.

The Division’s solutions promote faster patient recovery and higher productivity in the health sector to help address resource shortages – while also improving quality of life for patients.

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