Business critical solutions for oil, gas, water and wastewater

Boustead’s Energy Engineering Division delivers pioneering process technologies for the global oil and gas, petrochemical, energy and water sectors.

The Division has successfully delivered more than 1,300 projects across 86 countries and territories, and maintains a key role in helping its clients achieve both business and sustainability targets.

Central to a multi-decade effort to assist clients in their efforts to transition to cleaner fuels and renewables, is our process heater systems – used in gas processing and hydrogen production.

Similarly, the Division’s waste heat recovery units are cleverly engineered to recycle exhaust and flue gases generated in extremely high temperature processes so that gases are reused instead of being directly released into the environment or flared off.

The Division’s water and wastewater treatment plants also produce high quality water, treat wastewater for safe release or zero liquid discharge, and reclaim and recycle wastewater to be reused, saving an extremely precious resource.

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