There is a curious energy and deliberate tenacity behind the manner in which Boustead International Heaters (BIH) CEO Stuart Cummings tackles his job.

Ten minutes in Stuart’s presence and he has already deconstructed your problem and is working on the ultimate solution. It’s just how his mind works – and it’s astounding to watch him in action.

A Manchester native, and diehard Manchester United fan, Stuart completed a Master of Science degree before embarking on a truly global career. He worked on oil rigs off the coasts of Scotland and Norway and led manufacturing and engineering teams as far afield as France, India and Mexico.

Stuart eventually returned to the United Kingdom – joining the Boustead Group in 2013.

If you ask him about the path that led him to join one of the world’s leading energy-related engineering businesses – the answer points to his innate inquisitiveness about design, construction and how things generally tick.

“I’ve always been interested in understanding how things work,” said Stuart. “I like to take things apart, streamline their processes and bring order to chaos.”

Today, as CEO of BIH, he is focused on steering the company forward by delivering innovative process technologies that are critical to the operations of companies in the industrial and energy generation sectors.

When asked what he enjoys most about his role, Stuart said: “Designing and delivering critical equipment is genuinely interesting work – and it’s rewarding to know the solutions we’re engineering are supporting a multi-decade transition to cleaner fuels and renewables.”

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