Few have a relationship with Boustead as longstanding as the Group's Hong Kong-based Non-Independent Non-Executive Director - Godfrey Scotchbrook.

In the early part of his career (c. 1975), Godfrey was the general manager in Malaysia for US public relations firm Burson-Marsteller – which counted Boustead amongst its elite clientele.

In his own word, Godfrey was “fortunate enough” to connect with members of the Boustead family during his time with the agency. It was an experience that made a profound impression on the young PR consultant and one that shaped how he would later come to view his responsibilities as a member of the Boustead Board.

On leaving Malaysia, and his ties to Boustead, Godfrey came to create a life and career in Hong Kong. Here he built an impressive resume as a highly respected corporate communications specialist.

In just a little over a decade, he established his own corporate communications firm, specialising in crisis and issues management, investor relations and reputation management.

It would be a further decade – 20 years following his departure from Malaysia – before Godfrey would find himself back with Boustead; back in the fold.

At the turn of the century (2000), and at the invitation of Chairman FF Wong, Godfrey took a seat at the Boustead Singapore Board table. Today, along with his Boustead Board duties, Godfrey serves as an Independent Non-Executive Director at Del Monte Pacific and an Independent Director for Del Monte Foods.

When asked about his history with Boustead and specifically his role as a member of the Board, Godfrey said he saw himself more as a custodian of a name that had come to represent reinvention at its best.

“At the core you can see a company that was born out of vision, hard work – out of being honest, community-minded, and being part of the development and growth of Singapore and Malaysia,” he said.

“It’s this very aspect, which makes me proud to be part of Boustead’s leadership team.”

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