Boustead International Heaters (BIH), Boustead Singapore’s largest subsidiary under the Energy Engineering Division, has been awarded a project to design and supply an innovative thermal treatment system for a newly developed process for the chemical recycling of plastics.  

When completed towards the end of 2023, BIH’s equipment will play a key role in the transformation of end-of-life and specifically hard-to-recycle plastic waste into feedstock used in the production of recycled plastic or other petrochemicals, contributing to a circular economy and thereby reducing environment impacts. 

The solution has been co-developed with a dynamic new entrant to the market and has enormous potential for scalability with significant interest being shown by many of the world’s biggest energy companies. Not only does the solution help address the increasing problem of landfills, it also utilises process waste heat recovery to minimise electricity consumption.


Plastic Recycling Power Generation Unit Combustion System

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BIH is actively pursuing diversification initiatives to provide bespoke technical solutions that help the global energy sector address pressing climate change issues. This project represents a significant step in the deployment of BIH’s heat-transfer expertise beyond the traditional fossil fuel sector, opening doors to be part of more sustainable industrial solutions in the future.

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