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Solid Waste Energy Recovery

Boustead Maxitherm (BM) is an established regional specialist in designing, engineering and supplying mini-power plants, solid waste energy recovery plants and associated combustion technology.


In-Depth Domain Expertise

Supported by more than half a century of research and development, the Boustead Maxitherm brand is at the forefront of combustion technology, developing products which are able to meet the demands of modern day energy needs. Regionally, BM has supplied more than 500 solid waste energy recovery plants for industrial and municipal applications.

Solid Waste Energy Recovery Rate

Within our solid waste energy recovery plants, our industrial boilers are capable of generating steam rates of up to 80 tonnes per hour. Overall, our solid waste energy recovery plants have been developed with power generation capacities of up to 20MW.

Viable Energy Solution

Representing an extremely viable alternative to conventional methods of power generation, solid waste energy recovery utilises a cost-effective process to convert solid waste into energy. Agro-industrial and municipal waste is combusted in Boustead Maxitherm industrial boilers, which is then recovered in the form of superheated steam. The superheated steam is delivered under high pressure through steam turbine power generators for the production of electricity. Recovering energy resources from solid waste which would otherwise have been disposed of, makes great economical sense in a world of consistently high energy prices.

Renewable Combustible Fuels

Our solid waste energy recovery plants utilise various types of agro-industrial waste, bio-fuels and biomass for combustion including oil palm kernels, rice husks, sugar bagasse and wood waste chips. Recently, BM’s expertise was developed further to include the conversion of municipal waste into energy. BM alternatively supplies coal-fired and gas-fired industrial boilers.

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