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Late 1900’s    

After World War II, Malaysia declared independence from the British in August 1957. This saw Boustead & Co split into two entities, Boustead plc in London and Boustead Bhd, which held the Singapore and Malaysia assets.

Subsequently, Singapore declared independence from Malaysia in 1965. Successive restructuring of the company resulted in the creation of separate entities in Singapore, Malaysia and the UK, each carrying the same name, listed on their respective stock exchanges and all major corporations in their own right. Boustead Singapore was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange on 17 October 1975.

After the split, Boustead Singapore lost control of most of the assets and properties, which by default went to Malaysia due to their geographical presence.  However, Boustead Singapore’s trading arm held many contracts for the marketing and distribution of consumer goods, while the engineering division sought out new markets for its design and project management services. The company was able to grow its business, under the leadership of Boustead executives who had been with the company for a long time. The nature of the company’s businesses in Singapore also began to change, with activities focused mainly on manufacturing and technical services.

Proctor & Gamble joined other famous brands by entrusting its exclusive agency rights to Boustead & Co to successfully build its brand regionally.
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