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Having survived World War I, Boustead & Co played a significant role in the rise of Singapore as the world’s largest port, with a booming business in cargo, freight handling, insurance and ship services. Boustead & Co represented over 20 major shipping lines and numerous insurance agencies including the renowned Lloyd’s, which Boustead represented for more than one century.

Over the decades, the excellent reputation of Boustead & Co allowed it to attract some of the world’s most famous brands to give it agency rights in Singapore and around the region. Some of the famous brand names that became synonymous with Boustead were Cadbury’s, Nestle, Del Monte, Gillette, Proctor & Gamble, Johnny Walker, Hennessy, Nissan, Suzuki and Thomas Cook.

Famous branded goods marketed by Boustead & Co included the world’s finest liquors, Hennessy, Moet & Chandon and Johnnie Walker.
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