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Almost two centuries ago, an enterprising young businessman by the name of Edward Boustead first stepped onto the vibrant shores of Singapore. Arriving aboard the British schooner Hindustan, Edward Boustead observed a bustling trade settlement, unrivalled in its strategic location and overflowing with business opportunities. Immediately, he knew that Singapore would not only become his "home" but would also be the centre of his future business empire. Thus it was in 1828 that Boustead & Co was born.

Boustead & Co was known as one of the great trading houses of the Far East.  Trading tropical commodities such as spices, flavours, seeds, nuts, saps, resins, medicinal herbs and oils, Boustead & Co was a key player in the commodity trade between the Far East and Europe. The company flourished and expanded at a rate that easily matched the speedy progress of Singapore.

During the early development of Singapore as a British colony, Mr Boustead was a co-founder of the Singapore Free Press and a founding member of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce.

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